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July 04, 2008


Ad Wad


I just happened to randomly come across your site and this article while surfing.

As a non-American and an outsider, I can empathize with what you're saying and feeling.

In fact, I grew up on a steady diet of American Culture. So much so that I'm more American than most of my friends. (I'm Asian by the way) I love America, and it's ways. I loved how they were always the first in almost anything worth mentioning, and they take pride in what they do.

And during these times, the rest of the world looked up to the Great USA too.

But over the recent years, sadly, there has been a huge shift in sentiment towards America.

With the unnecessary wars in the Middle East, and a handful of American Oligarches ruining what was America's great reputation for Progress, Liberty, Freedom and Fairness.

Its sad that America is now viewed as the bane of the world, (it's still better than the Muslim extremists who seem to have declared war on the whole freakinnn' world for no good reason) and the main cause for the global crashing economy.

But in response to your article, one thing is glaringly clear. America has rushed to the aid of many nations in time of crisis countless times. But it's not that the rest of the world doesn't want to help when America needs it, it's mainly the fact that America hardly, if not never, asks for help. It's gotten too proud, America tells the world, it never makes mistakes and even if it does, it can fix itself.

I really do hope that America does make a comeback. We still think America is a wonderful country, with wonderful principles. Now it's just up to the people to purge itself of the unwanted ones that are giving it a bad name...

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