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August 23, 2010



Under the radar, the Ritz Group is reorganizing away from being a service-provider dry-hump fest and going back to its roots of being an exclusive community open only to bona fide entrepreneurs and investors. They are re-launching in January. Watch for them.


I couldn't agree more with this post. As a GT student nearing graduation with a passion for startups, I recently realized that I was not nearly as networked and involved in the Atlanta startup community as I should be. Also, I decided I wanted to make a difference and actively work towards creating an even better environment for startups here in Atlanta, so I decided to reach out to some people and now one of the things I'm working on is helping out Sanjay Parekh with Startup Riot.

Of the original four points you made, I'd like to highlight "Be Sincere" and perhaps change "Be willing to help others" to "Actively seek out how you can help others". The personal satisfaction alone will be worth the while; networking will follow naturally as a result.

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